Chapter Seven: A Fresh Start


Hi, guys! I’m sorry it’s been so long, and I don’t really even have an excuse, other than the fact that the kiddoes were on summer break so I spent most of my free time with them. That’s a pretty good reason, though, right? :\

Hopefully, you remember who the Pixels are… I barely do Sad smile

Last time: Eva and Piper were devastated by Kratos’s death, then Eva died (barely lasting until Piper’s YA birthday!), leaving Piper to grieve on her own. The Pixels got an honest-to-goodness house, but it left them broke so Piper had to go to work as a painter. Without much free time, and with NO luck at all, Piper was struggling to find love… so she paid a second visit to the Wishing Well and was granted true love.

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Spoiler alert: this is true love.

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Kristoff is dreamy. In case you’d forgotten, he and Piper were engaged last chapter.

06-05-16_5-49-08 PM

…perhaps the excitement had gotten to Piper. I’m just glad this isn’t my ISBI!

06-05-16_7-36-50 PM

Lucky for her, Piper never has to cook for herself. Kristoff is basically a stereotypical ‘50’s housewife, and I love it.

Fun Fact: This chapter was played through right around the time that the gender-nonconformity update hit, and I came really, really close to making Kristoff very girly, but thought better of it in the end.

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Piper: Uhm… you know you don’t live here anymore, right? You can’t just walk in!

Valentine: As long as my father’s face is on that wall, I can do what I want!

Sadly, this is a constant occurrence.

06-05-16_7-37-35 PM

Piper: Why don’t you come over here and say that?

06-05-16_7-38-49 PM

Eva: *grumbling* don’t worry. I scared him off. He’s scared to death of ghosts, and it makes me so mad! I’d like to speak to my own son, you know!

Valentine really does run from all ghosts. It’s hilarious.

06-05-16_7-39-08 PM

Eva: Hello, Kristoff, dear. How are you liking it in your new home?

No matter her mood, Eva always cheers up when she sees Kristoff. I think she knows he’s taken up her mantle of making sure the Pixels are all well cared for. <3

06-05-16_7-40-07 PM

After all, Piper is much too busy painting to care about silly things like eating right and sleeping.

06-05-16_7-45-22 PM

…of course, Kristoff isn’t always taking the best care of his own needs.

06-05-16_7-45-31 PM

Kristoff: Aww wookit hims widdle teefers! Hims such a cutie-pie, yes hims is!!

Fun Fact #2: I DESPISE baby talk, but Kristoff is totally the type.

06-05-16_7-52-58 PM

Aren’t they just the cutest?

06-05-16_7-58-23 PM

Of course, in this family the peace never lasts long. Kratos and Kristoff, oddly, had a very intense argument over the Cowplant. I’m not sure what that was all about…

06-05-16_7-59-06 PM

But Kratos was so upset that he haunted his own headstone in retaliation.

06-05-16_8-00-53 PM

And Kristoff ran off to tell his BFF, Bun-Bun, all about it.

06-05-16_8-03-17 PM

Kristoff: Excuse me? I’m miserable over here.

Yeah, you look it.

Seriously, though, he totally was. That Ambitious trait is a killer. So he joined the Culinary career. With how much he cooks for himself and Piper, I figured that would be a safe route to take.

06-05-16_8-35-56 PM

As you can see, Piper quite enjoys having a skilled cook in the house.

She also enjoys wearing filthy clothes and not leaving the couch all day. My kind of girl.

06-05-16_8-45-50 PM

Of course, you can’t be lazy on your wedding day!*

*I lied, you totally can if that’s your thing!

06-05-16_8-49-58 PM

Kristoff: Oh, wow, I’m so nervous!

Piper: Suck it up, buttercup.

Wedding spam!! (Mostly because I have an irrational amount of love for that gorgeous desert backdrop!)

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06-05-16_8-50-12 PM

06-05-16_8-50-23 PM

06-05-16_8-50-33 PM

06-05-16_8-50-50 PM

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Just like that, they’re official!

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One of the few things I really love about TS4 over TS3 is that, in this one, immediate family always shows up to events. I was happy to see Cait.

06-05-16_8-53-40 PM


06-05-16_8-53-44 PM

Piper: Oooh, I like this one! But delete the other one, my jaw looks enormous.

Cait: That’s because your jaw is enormous!

I know I make jokes about their appearances, but I love how uniquely gorgeous this family is so far, so different from all my other Sims.

06-05-16_8-54-37 PM

Time for cake!

06-05-16_8-54-41 PM

Such a simple thing to add to the game, but I love it!

06-05-16_8-54-48 PM

Kristoff: Oh, boo-hoo! Kratos, I wish you could be here now!

But you two were just fighting last night!

Still, in my sentimental heart, it was nice to see someone thinking of Piper’s father on her wedding day.

06-05-16_8-56-11 PM

These two are so in love. <3

06-05-16_8-56-36 PM

Kristoff: So, if you want to… there’s something I really want to do. Only if you want to, though. Just because you’re my wife doesn’t mean you have to do that kind of thing, you know?

(I have very strong headcanon concerning Kristoff. Part of that is that he is an unapologetic feminist. Stay with me here.)

06-05-16_8-56-55 PM

Piper: Oooh. Tell me more about your total respect for women’s autonomy and worth outside your own sexual needs.

Kristoff: My love, I would happily hold you all night without a hint of sexual contact, if that’s what you wanted. Or not even touch you at all. You are in total control of the situation, despite my own urges and desires.

06-05-16_8-57-03 PM


06-05-16_8-57-27 PM

Of course, the whole not-touching thing wasn’t an issue.

06-05-16_8-58-19 PM

Heart heart heart, indeed.

06-05-16_9-01-39 PM

And… well… this happened the very next morning. Could it really be?

06-05-16_9-36-43 PM

Yep! Generation Two is already on the way!

06-05-16_9-37-46 PM

Piper lives a lovely life, despite all her previous setbacks. Here’s an average day.

She wakes up and eats a breakfast lovingly prepared by her gorgeous husband.

06-05-16_9-39-24 PM

Then she paints until it is time for work.

06-05-16_9-40-08 PM

After work, she finds aforementioned gorgeous husband and tells him all about her day.

06-05-16_9-40-18 PM

On this day in particular, she has some exciting news to share.

06-05-16_9-40-30 PM

Kristoff: A baby?! Please tell me you’re not messing with me! *blubbers heavily*

06-05-16_9-48-13 PM

Once her husband stops crying over that exciting news, they spend a calm evening just talking and hanging out until they’re ready for dinner (also lovingly prepared by Gorgeous Husband) before bed.

She is a lucky Sim.

06-05-16_9-50-28 PM

Kristoff knows how lucky they are, I think. Or he’s just really, really happy about the baby. I wasn’t joking about the crying when he found out. It was glorious. And wet.

06-05-16_9-53-11 PM

Piper: Hi, Daddy! Guess what? I’m having a baby!

Kratos: *snorts* Good luck with that. Being a parent sucks!

Piper: Uhm… hello? You’re my parent!

Kratos: Yep… well, time for me to head back to the underworld! See ya! *poof*

(If you look in the background, you’ll see that Piper finished Kristoff’s portrait already!)

06-05-16_9-56-02 PM

I was so excited about Piper going to the kitchen for a glass of water, because I’ve never seen a Sim do that before! How cool!

06-05-16_10-08-34 PM

I downgraded the garden (again!) to only the most profitable plants. A large garden is WAY too time-consuming with no one in the house Aspiring to do it.

06-05-16_10-28-33 PM

I have no idea why I took this picture of a very stinky Piper doing stinky things…

Maybe to show you the new bathroom? That must be it! I quite like it.

06-05-16_10-29-18 PM

Once again, Piper tugs at my heartstrings by eating wedding cake every single day of her pregnancy.

06-05-16_10-29-54 PM

She’s just like me, pretty much! I would have done the exact same thing, had it been an option.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. Sorry it’s so short, everyone! The kiddoes are back in school now so, even though I’m still working roughly 60-hours per week, I will have more time for Simming. Hopefully the next chapter will be longer, if not better (though I do think this chapter is lacking, and I’m sorry for that! I hope to be back in the swing of things soon!), and will definitely take less than a couple of months to publish!

Thanks for sticking with me! Be back soon!

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…yep. She’s JUST like me.

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