Chapter Nine: Shiny and New


Hi, guys! It’s taken me less than a month to get a new update ready, can you believe it?!

A whole lot happened last time, so let’s do a quick run-down:

Piper and Kristoff were adorable together. Piper painted pictures (har-har, alliteration) and Kristoff tried to get himself eaten by Eva’s cowplant. Thankfully, he failed.

Also, Piper gave birth to the first potential heir of the next generation: Anders.

Kristoff became an Adult and immediately re-impregnated his wife.

Lastly, Anders, already a child since we still lacked toddlers at this point, went to the park with his uncle, Valentine. A whirlwind romance was cheated naturally occurred, and Val was wed.

Now, onto the new stuff!

10-02-16_2-29-37 PM

Since unplayed houses never seem to spawn children in my game (is that not something that happens in TS4, or am I experiencing some awful bug?), I cheated that, too. Valentine and Mario have twins!

10-02-16_2-29-56 PM

This is Magnus

10-02-16_2-29-59 PM

And this cheerful little princess is Thalia.

10-02-16_2-31-00 PM

This is Val’s beautiful, enormous house in Willow Creek. At least one of our Spares is living the good life! I hope we see Magnus and Thalia around.

10-02-16_2-32-30 PM

Anders was super excited to see his parents again when he made it back home. <3

10-02-16_2-32-48 PM

As always, they were also super excited to see each other.

Cowplant: I’ll get you next time, Pixel!

10-02-16_3-14-16 PM

Shortly after making it back home, Anders got a call from Reese, asking if he could come over to play. I was so excited that I bought the Kids Stuff pack so they’d have cool things to do. Here’s the new room.

10-02-16_3-14-20 PM

I have no clue how the Pixels ended up with $6k (Piper sold some paintings, maybe?) but I used pretty much all of it on this room.

10-02-16_3-18-37 PM

Valentine showed up along with Reese, which was a little weird since he didn’t bring his own children along.

10-02-16_3-20-18 PM

Here’s a picture of Anders telling ‘gross jokes’, which Reese did not appreciate. This happened many, many times.

10-02-16_3-24-39 PM

Void critter battles are where their friendship really took off.

Reese: Cool! My pig thing is definitely going to defeat your skunk thing!

10-02-16_3-24-46 PM

Anders: No way! Stunky is way stronger than Tepig!

I have nowhere near enough memory to know whether or not that is true.

10-02-16_3-26-53 PM

Reese: False! I’m winning!

10-02-16_3-27-32 PM

Anders: Stunky uses Miracle Eye! I win!

Reese: You don’t have to brag so much, man.

Fun Fact: All of those Pokemon words came from my nine-year-old.

10-02-16_3-32-55 PM

Proof that Piper still lives, paints, and is pregnant.

10-02-16_3-33-04 PM

Poor Anders was worn out by all that battle.

10-02-16_3-34-32 PM

And, as it turns out, Piper was painting a commemoration of a different battle. I think this one might go on the wall.

10-02-16_3-35-25 PM

A short while later, Anders woke up starving. Being the wonderful, maternal woman she is, Piper gave him a bowl of air.

Anders: What is this shit?

Piper: *sigh* I can’t even be mad at you over the language. Pregnancy brain is harsh.

Too true, P.

10-02-16_3-38-24 PM

Later, Piper headed out to the museum and that Love/Hate relationship guy the Wishing Well popped up before Kristoff started hitting on her. I was offended on Kristoff’s behalf.

10-02-16_3-39-40 PM

Piper didn’t mind too much, though.

10-02-16_3-40-28 PM

Since I don’t like to make too many decisions for my Sims, I was going to let that play out and see what happened. Luckily, Piper wandered off to stare at some paintings instead.

10-02-16_3-43-37 PM

The guy tried his hand again, and Piper was annoyed. I took this as a sign that she wanted to be faithful, so I had her ask him to “just be friends”.

10-02-16_3-43-46 PM

He was surprisingly cool about it. If he had been this sweet and non-aggressive when they first met, he might have been her Spouse.

10-02-16_3-48-13 PM

Almost as soon as Piper made it home, Valentine called and invited her over to his house. I almost had them stay home because, surprisingly, Anders was doing his homework all on his own. But I really wanted to check out the house.

10-02-16_3-50-55 PM

And get pictures like this! Look! Anders is interacting with his stern-faced cousin!

10-02-16_3-52-10 PM

Then Piper started freaking out and realized she was in labor. Anders followed her out of the house, but stopped to read to her from one of his uncle’s books. Many playthroughs later, I would find this book still in Anders’ inventory.

10-02-16_3-53-58 PM

Piper headed to the hospital and Kristoff, who had been at work, met her there.

I have no idea where Anders went, tbh.

Then tragedy struck.

I have no idea how I did it, but I deleted the baby. The game logged it as him being taken away due to neglect, and the whole family hated everything for the next few days. Their sobs were horrifying.

I went into CAS and randomized a Child from Piper and Kristoff’s DNA.

10-02-16_4-12-09 PM

So… welcome the new ‘baby’, I guess?

10-02-16_4-17-29 PM

This is Dorian. No idea whether he looks like the baby that was actually born to them, but I’d like to think so.


I don’t know who made that awesome graphic, as Google wouldn’t take me to the page, but I hope they don’t sue me. Also, it’s awesome and tells you literally everything you need to know about that character.

10-02-16_4-17-55 PM

Our Dorian Loves the Outdoors.

10-02-16_4-17-57 PM

And his father loves Anders’ bed, apparently.

10-02-16_4-19-54 PM

I had no idea that this bed was going to be so sought after. As soon as Kristoff got up, Dorian jumped in.

10-02-16_4-23-09 PM

And poor Anders was stuck glaring at the exact same obviously inferior other bed.

10-02-16_4-23-23 PM

Anders: Oh, shit. OH, SHIT!

I don’t know why this kid has such a filthy mouth. It’s just occurring naturally.

10-02-16_4-24-23 PM

Luckily, Kristoff has magical Anti-Monster Spray.

Hint: It’s pee.

Kristoff: My manly musk just terrifies the monsters. What can I say?

10-02-16_4-27-51 PM

Piper: What the — who are you!?

Dorian: Uhm… your child?

Piper: What are you talking about? I clearly have this moodlet that states my child was taken away!

10-02-16_4-28-54 PM

Kristoff: Honey, your skin’s all stripey and you’re talking nonsense. Please stop scaring the boys.

Anders: …I’m just going to sit over here…

10-02-16_4-35-15 PM

The next day, Anders invited Thalia to come home with him after school. Adorable!

Dorian was the one who ‘played’ with her, though.

Thalia: Oooh, look at me. I’m so cool being a ‘Legacy’ Pixel nyah nyah nyah.

10-02-16_4-35-19 PM

Dorian: Whatever, loser. You’re just jealous your dad wasn’t cool enough to be Heir!

Thalia: You don’t know what you’re talking about! Our house is way nicer than yours, and I don’t have to pump out babies when I get older, unless I want to!

10-02-16_4-35-29 PM

Dorian: *uncomfortable laugh* Yeah… uh… I guess you win…

Legacy living really does sound horrifying. Like royalty without all the riches and prestige.

10-02-16_4-36-16 PM

Piper: Hey, it’s my birthday!

10-02-16_4-36-49 PM

Piper: I don’t even have to look in a mirror. I know I’m still hot as hell.

10-02-16_4-37-31 PM

Despite how much taunting they do to each other, Dorian and Thalia quickly became Best Friends.

10-02-16_4-37-56 PM

They finally calmed down and took turn putting on creepy puppet shows.

10-02-16_4-41-58 PM

Dorian and Kristoff love interacting with one another. They always look so happy, even if it’s just a little chat over breakfast.

01-15-17_7-09-16 PM

Of course, we have to ensure there’s plenty of competition for that heirship!

01-15-17_7-12-40 PM

Kratos is not particularly pleased to walk in to those kinds of sounds. He repays his daughter by breaking the dishwasher.

\01-15-17_7-14-16 PM

Karma gets him back by getting him stuck in the floor for the rest of the night.

01-15-17_7-14-41 PM

When he finally broke free, he decided to cook breakfast for the family.

01-15-17_7-15-11 PM

Piper: Oh, hey, Dad! Thanks for the food!

Kratos: My pleasure. Now, maybe keep it down next time you’re getting your ‘pleasure’.


01-15-17_7-17-07 PM

That didn’t stop Piper, though. Not even for a second.

01-15-17_7-17-56 PM

It pays off. :)

Guys, guess what? I was totally fine with the boys being the only kids this generation, but then Toddlers were released, so I immediately got Piper pregnant. This one will be our first Toddler! Yay!

01-15-17_7-34-44 PM

Soon, it was Anders birthday! I can’t wait to see what he looks like.

01-15-17_7-48-51 PM

Anders: Yes! I’m awesome!

Living up to the namesake, he gained the Romantic trait to go along with his already Self-Assured nature.

With his new trait, I snatched up the ‘Serial Romantic’ Aspiration that I typically avoid (I get too attached and feel bad about breaking hearts). It’ll be fun to try something new. Unfortunately, Anders is 90% a clone of his mother, so I’m not sure his chances of becoming Heir are strong.

01-15-17_7-49-30 PM

This is Dorian’s friend, Sheena Trahan. She’s adorable and I want him to love her.

01-15-17_10-01-17 PM

Since we’re finally going to have toddlers, I decided a special nursery was necessary. I went all gender neutral so I don’t have to edit it a million times, and I love how it turned out.

01-15-17_10-07-25 PM

I also revamped Anders room, to match his new style.

01-15-17_10-07-33 PM

I like it.

01-15-17_10-09-54 PM

Sheena likes hanging out behind the couch, playing pretend. She stayed over for nearly an entire day, but barely interacted with Dorian. :(

01-15-17_10-19-31 PM

While am personally ecstatic about Piper’s current condition, she is less than pleased this time around.

Piper: What the hell is that thing?! I just got the hang of being a mom, and now shit’s going to change?!

I guess that would be quite a shock.

01-15-17_10-20-10 PM

Eva: Hi, sweetie! I came to visit, but I’m sorry to say I have no helpful advice. Back in my day, babies turned into children like normal.

01-15-17_10-22-40 PM

My continued attempts to have a Sim paint a self-portrait are frustrating, to say the least. Piper strategically placed herself so that her portrait would have some tasteful nudity in the background.

01-15-17_10-34-02 PM

Dorian continued inviting Sheena over almost every day, and put on lots of puppet shows for her…

01-15-17_10-34-20 PM

Sheena, meanwhile, would sneak out of the room to follow Anders around.

Anders: So, uh… our relationship score is pretty high. You’re going to be a Teen soon, right?

Sheena: What??

Anders: NOTHING.

The boy’s a creep.

01-15-17_10-37-29 PM

I got City Living for Christmas, and this was my first chance to really check it out, so the Pixels headed out the The Spice Festival due to no actual interest of their own.

01-15-17_10-38-15 PM

Piper and Dorian bolted into the first building they found, which was surprising since Dorian has the Loves the Outdoors trait and Piper is usually pretty social.

She made a beeline for the karaoke machine.

01-15-17_10-40-28 PM

Anders tried to impress ‘the ladies’.

01-15-17_10-40-33 PM

Soooo attractive with that granny toss.

01-15-17_10-41-44 PM

San Myshuno is a pretty progressive place, with giant hookahs in the middle of public parks. Sounds fun.

01-15-17_10-42-23 PM

Piper wasn’t the biggest fan of the spicy stuff.

Piper: I blame it on the baby!

Smarmy guy: Hey, lady, I got somtin’ that’ll cool off that tongue of yours.

This creep followed her around for long enough that it got weird.

01-15-17_10-42-42 PM

But it was Anders who was the biggest baby of all.

What’s that I see in the background? A lady coming to meet Anders? Find out next time! WHEN THERE WILL BE TODDLERS, I SWEAR.

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